About LT Knockouts

London Tennis Knockout Tournaments

Our Knockouts run all year round in four seasons:

Season 1 – Winter (January to March)
Season 2 – Spring (April to June)
Season 3 – Summer (July to September)
Season 4 – Autumn (September to December)

The knockouts are open to players of all genders who are over 18 years of age and of a good intermediate level to top club/amateur standard.

There are 2 draws in each season, the main draw and the consolation draw, which is a draw for all of the first match losers in the main draw. This means that overall all entrants will have at least 2 matches.


Players must be willing to travel across London for a match. Although we reduce the chance of players needed to travel far by scheduling early rounds in the vast majority of matches between players in the same London region.

Matches will also nominate players to be home or away so travel will not always be necessary for every other match, where possible.

Players must be clear on the rules and be proactive in arranging and completing their matches within the round time windows.

Players will get a Knockout ranking based on all the points they have accumulated over the calendar year starting in 2022.

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