London Tennis Knockout Tournaments

Please read the relevant Match Rules and Information before signing up.

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 If signing up to any of our competitions you must have entered your London Tennis rating and mobile contact number into your London Tennis profile. For the leagues we need this information to add you to a WhatApp group and for the Knockouts so that your opponents can contact you easily by SMS or WhatsApp.

London Tennis Knockout Tournaments
Good intermediate to Top Amateur
20 September 2021

London Tennis Self Ratings

1) Top amateur player – top county level.
2) Top club player – good enough to play top club team tennis.
3) Good club player – good enough to play in 2nd- 4th teams in club with good player depth.
4) Middle Club player – 5th or 6th team player in club with good player depth.
5) Low club player – nearly good enough to play in team or plays in lower team.
6) Advanced Recreational – very good park player.
7) Good Intermediate – good player just ready for competition.
8) Intermediate – uses competition as practise.
9) Improver – just able to play a game and uses competition as practise.